April 1, 2022 - November 19, 2022

We will be having local business Food Trucks throughout the Spring and Summer! Check out all of the dates below!
April 1 - Back Alley BBQ 11am-5pm
April 9 - Burger Daddy 11am-5pm
April 15 Back Alley BBQ 11am-5pm
April 16 - Zaffuto's Paninis & Angela's Cookies (Adult Easter Party) 12pm-5pm
April 29 - Back Alley BBQ - 11am-5pm
May 7 - LIVE MUSIC by Matt Miskie 1-4pm
May 14 - Back Alley BBQ 11am-5pm
May 17 - Taco Tuesdays w/ TACO INC. 11AM-6pm
May 27 - Gypsy Wagon Food Truck 11am-6pm
May 28 - Burger Daddy - 11am-5pm w/ LIVE MUSIC by Tango Jam & Jr. 1-4pm
June 17 - Larry's BBQ 11am-5pm
June 18 - Burger Daddy 11am-5pm w/ LIVE MUSIC by Kurt Thomas 1-4pm
July 16 - Burger Daddy 11am-5pm
August 27 - Burger Daddy 11am-5pm
September 2 - Back Alley BBQ 11am-5pm
September 3 - Gypsy Wagon Food Truck 11am-6pm w/ LIVE MUSIC by Tango Jam & Jr.
September 10 - Burger Daddy 11am-5pm
October 29 - Burger Daddy 11am-5pm
November 19 - Burger Daddy 11am-5pm
**Trucks will be here during scheduled times UNLESS they sell out of food before** 
The Winery at Wilcox
1500 Bee Line Hwy., DuBois, PA 15801
(814) 375-6885

June 3, 2022 - June 4, 2022

DuBois, PA
DuBois, PA 15801

June 25, 2022
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This family-friendly summer festival will fill Market and Third Streets with craft vendors, farm markets, food vendors and plenty of activities for kids. Local businesses, civic/non-profit organizations, schools and church groups are also encouraged to participate.
Visit www.DiscoverClearfield.com or contact the CRC at 765-6000 for more information. Forms will also be available at the CRC office located within the Clearfield Borough Administrative Office at 6 South Front Street, Clearfield, PA.

6 S Front St., Clearfield Pa 16830
(814) 765-6000

June 26, 2022
1:00 pm

Curwensville-Pike Township Historical Society’s annual Curwensville History Tour will be held Sunday, June 26. It will be led by local Historian Hildred Rowles of Curwensville.

The walk will begin at 1 p.m. at the parking lot of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Robert Ferguson Post No. 842 at 19 River St., Curwensville. Participants are asked to arrive slightly before 1 p.m. The tour takes approximately two hours to complete. It will be canceled if it rains.

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and bring water. The tour will conclude at the Korb House — the society’s museum.

The Curwensville-Pike Township Historical Society formed in 1978. It depends solely on donations and volunteers to operate. The Korb House museum opened in 1989 and currently is in dire need of exterior and interior repairs to allow it to continue operating.

Donations to the Korb House may be given the day of the walking tour or they can be mailed to the society at P.O. Box 3, Curwensville, PA 16833. Further information about the walk can be found on the Curwensville-Pike Township Historical Society’s Facebook page. In event of inclement weather June 26, an announcement of cancellation will be made on the society’s Facebook page.

19 River St., Curwensville Pa 16833